Client Testimonials

What our customers say (bark) about us!

I get treats!


One day I will be a big boy and you know what that means? Doggy Detail Co cleans my turf and give me treats!
-Rio Von Jager

I love a clean yard!

  I like to play A LOT and my yard is not that big so I love when it’s clean and I have room to explore. -Buddy  

Always pristine clean!

  I may have a BIG attitude, however, my waste is small &  hard to find. Thanks to Doggy Detail Co, my yard is always pristine.

Bruno  Mascot Doggy Detail Co

Don’t forget to wipe your paws.

  I never have to worry about getting my paws dirty, thanks to Doggy Detail Co. Love the treats Mack!

-Gunner Gump


Gus doesn't worry about stepping in it...

  Gus is smart. Be like Gus.  Hire Doggy Detail Co!

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Beau Knows Clean!

I am pretty close to the ground…ALL OF THE TIME…so I like not “stepping in it”!